Our Heritage

Mr Mrs Davies

We will always remember the generosity of:

  • Dave & Kath Davies, our founders, who devoted their lives to caring for and rehoming unwanted animals.
  • Mrs Georgie Gilbert and Mr Geoffrey Wright. Georgie Gilbert fundraised for us for many years and generously bequested her home which paid for the building of our cattery.
  • Magdalaine (Magda) Raines – a volunteer and supporter for over 35 years.
  • Audrey Smallwood for her many years of support and generous legacy which helped to fund the building of our dog isolation facilities, where we look after dogs when they are first come to us.
  • Helen & Ronnie Tees for their extraordinarily generous bequest which enabled us to build our kennel buildings for dogs for adoption – “The Helen Tees Rescue Kennels” in 2014.
  • Mr Dennis Weekes (past Trustee and Chairman) and his wife Pam Weekes, both long serving fundraising committee members. Our reception building, known as “The Weekes Annexe”, is dedicated to their memory.
  • Janet Smallwood who believed dogs keep you going through life’s troubles. She will be remembered with joy and happiness every time our dogs enjoy playing and learning in the dog training area dedicated to her memory.

And many more people who have remembered us kindly through generous bequests, gifts and donations. We have erected plaques for all of the above and many more people at our centre. Please come and visit us to remember your loved ones and see how their generosity continues to benefit animals today.    

We can’t thank you enough:
Dorothy Williams who we nominated for a Long term volunteer of the year award in the BVSC 2017 Awards.  “Dot” has been a supporter for many years, selflessly devoting her spare time looking after our animals, helping us to maintain our buildings and organising fundraising events throughout the year, including our successful Christmas Fair. Her support and that of her many friends helps to pay many essential things we need to operate.  
Pam and Lyn Fowler who have generously devoted so much of their time for many years, making and selling beautiful gifts at numerous craft fairs in aid of our charity and continue to make a significant contribution to our fundraising.
Thelma Turner and Jack Turner who volunteered for many years looking after rabbits and fundraised and campaigned to get Hazel House built (where we look after rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals). Hazel House was named after their own beloved rabbit. Thelma continues to support us generously as a member, sponsor and donor.  Her kind donations enable us to continue to refurbish and maintain this building.

Fondly known as “The Supermarket team”, headed up by our founders daughter Caroline Honour Christine Parry and Mike Quinn (now a Trustee) who raised thousands of pounds through regular collection to pay for “The Mews” (named in a newspaper competition) where our resident cats enjoy a happy retirement.   
Our Life Members, sponsors, knitters, donors, animal care volunteers, shop volunteers and every single person who helps us in every imaginable way every day.   

Thank you to every single one of you.  We wouldn’t be here today without you.  

Take a trip down memory lane and see how far we have come…with your support.

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Just a couple of pounds a month will make all of the difference.

Opening Hours:

Animal visiting hours are:
Monday - Sunday 2.00pm – 4.00pm
Closed Tuesdays

The office telephone lines are open every day:
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Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year's Day

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Thank you so much!
We would like to thank our Patron Tony Iommi for
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