Amber is currently being treated for a possible upper respiratory infection (cat flu). She has had a swab test which we are awaiting the result of. The vets suspect this is viral and she may well have flare ups throughout her life particularly in times of stress/change. We are now looking for someone that would be interested in fostering her on a long term/ life long basis. This would just mean the sanctuary would cover her vet bills due to her ill health. 

We are looking for a potential foster owner who would be able to: 

  • Drive to the vets we use in Redditch
  • Has no other cats and or dogs in the home
  • Is home majority of the time
  • Preferably someone who has experience and/or have owned cat/s previously

If you think you could offer this beautiful girl the home she deserves then please call 01564 823288 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. our team and we can chat in more detail

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UPDATE  24/9/2019   Amber is back home here with us but is still being cared for and is still not ready to be adopted yet. We will let you know when she is. 

UPDATE  6/8/19 She is currently still at the vets, but has now been taken off the drip. She is eating and toileting well, and slowly getting a bit brighter each day.

This beautiful girl is Amber. She is about 8 months old and currently fighting for her life at our vets. She was rescued by two of our animal carers last month after we were alerted to her situation. 
We were informed she had been in labour for 3 whole days, having had one kitten per day! 
She had been taken to a vet where they had to cut the cords because Amber was not interested or doing anything. 
Why? Read on 

Because she is still a kitten herself and should never have been put in this position.  She was also obviously very confused and too weak and poorly to look after herself, let alone be a mom to a litter of kittens. 
Sadly two of the kittens passed away quite quickly. The first one out was obviously a little fighter and was taken home to be hand reared by one of our carers. But sadly he was so incredibly tiny and weak and he unfortunately also passed over the rainbow bridge at only 4 days old.

We were informed that Amber already has a disability with suspected hip dysplasia. She is currently very skinny and has quite a nasty infection and on top of that she was riddled in fleas which has made her anaemic too. She was also very congested. She is currently on a drip/fluids and on antibiotics at our vets. They were hoping she could be spayed today, but blood results showed she is still very anaemic and a high white blood cell count, indicating that her infection is quite bad at the moment so the risks of operating outweigh the need to spay her currently. She will be having a scan to get a clearer picture of what’s going on inside her. 
We just hope she fights this infection and gets better soon so she can be free of any more distress and suffering. 🙏
Her carer was amazed that even after all she's been through, and is currently going through, she is such a sweet loving girl and just purrs away!

This incredibly sad and heart-breaking situation was AVOIDABLE if only she had been spayed! A very simple routine procedure that would have prevented any unnecessary pain, suffering and kittens that did not have had to go through that!

The vet bill for Amber will be increasing, so any donations at all towards the cost of her treatment we would be extremely grateful!

If you can't donate then please share her story to raise awareness of the importance of neutering your cats! 
Thank You

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