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Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our lovely animals. 

Some of our animals have had a bad start in life through neglect or abuse, others have had to be relinquished by reluctant families due to changes in circumstance. Some are old, some are young. They come in all shapes and sizes, all have different personalities and needs.

They all deserve a second chance of love.

Our non-refundable adoption fees are as follows which includes a full health check, animal specific vaccinations and neutering as appropriate:
Dog Adoption £180; Cat Adoption £75; Kitten Adoption £65; Rabbit Adoption £50; Guinea Pig Adoption neutered £35; Guinea Pig Adoption entire £20, Ferret Adoption neutered £50, Ferret Adoption entire £40, Cockatiels and other small bird Adoption £15.

The Process

Please have a look at our gallery of pets waiting for a new home.
Before making an enquiry please read our Adoption Policy.

When You Visit

When you visit you will be asked to provide some information. Please complete our Adoption Enquiry Form.



Hello! my name is Rolo, I am a Rottweiler x GSD who is a year old now.  I am looking for a very special home!

I first came into Wythall as unfortunately my owners couldn't give me the exercise I need. I was then adopted by a lovely family, and this is where it was found that I have a few behaviour/training issues.  My carers think this is because I have spent alot of my young life here in kennels, so I find being out in the real world very overwhelming and scary.  Unfortunately this showed through different behaviours whilst in the home and out on walks.  My carers are doing the best they can with working on my training here at the Sanctuary, but sadly it is just not the same as being out in a home.  I now find myself looking for an adult only home with very experienced owners, preferably with good knowledge of behaviour/training, who can help me through the difficult transition.  My new owners will need to be willing to work with our behaviourist and carers, have lots of patience and take things really slow with me.  I can be very nervous of some men and may be better suited being homed to just one person.

I have recently been neutered and have been doing very well with my training, so it is time to try and find me a home once again.

I am a typical lively and energetic puppy who is very bouncy.  I love my toys, going out for walks and having cuddles and attention.  I would really like it if my new owners were around for alot of the time. I love the other dogs here at the Sanctuary, and could possibly live with another well behaved dog.  I can be quite boisterous though, so it would have to be a dog who would be happy to live with a young dog like me!  I was quite scared of the cats here at the Sanctuary, so would prefer not to live with them.  Due to my current issues, i could not live with children.

I am available for adoption, but we would also consider a foster home if it meant he could be out of the kennels and getting used to life in a home.


  • Status - Available
  • Breed - Rottweiler x GSD
  • Age - 12 months 
  • Colour - Red /white and black markings 
  • Neutered - Yes
  • Vaccinated - Yes 
  • Temperament - Lively, energetic, friendly  
  • Microchipped - Yes 
  • Able to be left - Unknown 
  • Able to live with children - No
  • Good with dogs - Possibly, but can be very boisterous 
  • Good with cats - No


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