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Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our lovely animals. 

Some of our animals have had a bad start in life through neglect or abuse, others have had to be relinquished by reluctant families due to changes in circumstance. Some are old, some are young. They come in all shapes and sizes, all have different personalities and needs.

They all deserve a second chance of love.

Our non-refundable adoption fees are as follows which includes a full health check, animal specific vaccinations and neutering as appropriate:
Dog Adoption £180; Cat Adoption £75; Kitten Adoption £65; Rabbit Adoption £50; Guinea Pig Adoption neutered £35; Guinea Pig Adoption entire £20, Ferret Adoption neutered £50, Ferret Adoption entire £40, Cockatiels and other small bird Adoption £15.

The Process

Please have a look at our gallery of pets waiting for a new home.
Before making an enquiry please read our Adoption Policy.

When You Visit

When you visit you will be asked to provide some information. Please complete our Adoption Enquiry Form.

Amber - Reserved

Amber - Reserved

Hello my name is Amber

I came into the sanctuary back in July at 7/8 months old after my carers rescued me from a home after being alerted to my sad situation. I was in labour over a long period of 3 days! I was only a kitten still myself! I did not know how to be a mommy and I felt so poorly. Unfortunately my kittens all passed away. One hung on a little longer and was hand reared once rescued but was unfortunately too weak and tiny to survive. My carers noticed when they rescued me that I was quite poorly. I was on a drip at the vets for a week and on antibiotics for a big infection I developed from pregnancy/labour. I also became very anaemic from a severe flea infestation and I was also showing signs of nasal congestion. I needed to be spayed urgently but the risks of spaying whilst I was so weak and poorly outweighed this urgency so as soon as my bloods slightly improved and I became a little stronger I was spayed which also helped towards clearing the infection. On top of all this I am disabled after most likely being born with a deformity to my back right leg. An x-ray confirmed my knee joint bones were fused together which means I have no joint to be able to bend and move this leg. I can still walk fine with the use of my other legs although I am not very agile. The vets advised the best option right now is to leave the leg as it is and after monitoring me my carer thinks at this current time my leg is not causing me any major discomfort. I will need to be strictly an indoor cat due to my limited mobility and for my safety. I have also been suffering with nasal congestion and after many tests/investigating what the issue was it was found I had nasal polyps which were removed and I can now breathe normally again.

I am such a loving girl and love cuddles and affection so much. I am also very playful and love to play with my toys and roll around showing my fluffy belly off! If you are interested in adopting me then please come up to the sanctuary to meet me!

  • Status - Reserved
  • Breed - Domestic semi long haired
  • Age - 1 Year
  • Neutered- Yes
  • Vaccinated -yes
  • Microchipped- Yes
  • Colour -Black
  • Litter trained - Yes
  • Blood tested - Yes
  • Temperament- Loving, friendly, playful, sweet
  • Good with cats - Yes
  • Good with dogs - possibly quiet gentle dog
  • Able to go out- no. STRICTLY INDOOR ONLY
  • Able to go with children- Yes 6+



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